Be the Best for the World Around You..

Coming into the Wicked Problems class I had no idea what it would entail. I figured it would be another class that was mandatory for my degree. However, this class had truly changed my view of the world around me. It has taught me how to be mindful. Mindfulness for me has become a new idea on how to conserve what is left of our world. The idea of being mindful is realizing that the world does not revolve around you. A simple change could be using reusable bags, or filling a water bottle instead of buying another plastic bottle. Being mindful is opening new, fresh eyes and seeing that little changes can create the greatest impact.

Marc Cohen had a brilliant idea on how to take care of your self while taking care of the environment. His biggest point was if you are happy with yourself physically, spiritually, and mentally; you are creating a harmonious world around you. Putting your best foot forward is the key to changing your life around and being a better you not only for yourself, but the world around you. Finding your inner happiness is what true happiness is.

Mindfullness and sustainability truly go hand in hand. When I first started this class I thought sustainability was an idea of just getting by. However, it is so much more than that. In the reading I connected that in order to even have sustainability you have to first the mindful. You cannot change any issue that needs to be sustained if you cannot see the problem head on. On the other hand, you can see a problem, but if you don’t create a resolution to create sustainability you aren’t doing the world a favor. By recognizing but not contributing to the change you are nearly putting a bandaid on a problem that will eventually fester.

For my problem I was honestly shocked to see that so many people recognized the issue. People know that harmful dyes in water is becoming a real issue. It almost gave me hope that if we continue in the direction of finding sustainable, and safe, solutions the future may never be exposed to harmful dyes again. While dyeing is a huge factor in the fashion industry; they need to do better. The industry needs to be held accountable for the contaminates they are putting in clean water. Whether it be adopting the new innovative ways to reduce and eliminate the chemicals or be severely find; they need to learn that their actions need to be reviewed and changed.

It is a sad concept to think that people believe that the reason the earth is falling apart is because of the poor. Anyone can litter. Anyone can pollute. It is not a “poor” issue; it is a human issue. While many poor are forced to live in conditions that may not be completely suitable there never should be a reason to blame them for the majorities wrong doings. I also very much disagreed with the concept that the article measured poor by income. While this might make sense to some; it is not completely accurate. There are many wealthy people who are just as poor, and there are many poor who are wealthy. It shouldn’t fully be a concept of money, but quality of life.

Leyla is a true inspiration. The fact that at such a young age she wanted to being making a difference in the world is remarkable. She is truly passionate for wanting to make the ozone a much better part of the earth. She looked at an issue that is literally in everything, and was able to explain that it was dangerous for the world. Her “law of unintended consequences” is a brilliant approach. She explained that although you may not know of a possible consequence, they still are there. People need to be mindful of what they use and what they do. Every action has a consequence and people need to understand that.

I think biophilia is a brilliant idea. I think humans have stepped away from truly enjoying the beauty of nature. We have become sterile to the idea that there can be mass amounts of beauty in the outdoors. The idea of biophilia is to take the wonders of the outside world and submerge it into todays society. Whether it be furniture, sculptures, or architecture; it is a smart way to allow people to view the world we live in with a human approach. Being able to use what nature has already given us and incorporate it into a daily recognition can also be a catalyst for making people realize that if we want to keep the beauty we need to undergo major changes in our daily life.

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