Blog 3

Mindfulness is being aware of what is happening at the moment. Being sustainable and mindful is being aware of the present to help the future. The reading talks about how we must be both for the world to survive. We have to first be mindful and once we are then we can help the future by recycling or any other sustainable acts. The Ted talk and the reading were similar because they both talk about how we start with mindfulness and how that reflects our well- being. Our well- being effects everything around us because it impacts on how we view and act on sustainability. Empathy and compassion reflects on how we view things as well because sustainability can be approached in certain ways, when we care we want to help the earth and the future with it.

Activity 2, I am learning how construction waste is effecting the earth and our health. There is a lot of good materials being wasted when they can be reused or recycled into something new. The landfills are being overfilled while also letting off green house gases into the soils, oxygen and water. I would like to learn more about how it is effecting our health in a more elaborate way. In the poverty reading, my section read the “No” reading and it said that if the government would help out the poor people would not use as many resources. The problem is that the poor is using so many natural resources it is causing a problem for the environment. This can be fixed if the government could take care if them.

Leyla’s Ted talk was about how us as people can instead of being just sustainable, we can take it to another level. We can innovate things to save food, recycle better and make simple items better. Biophilia is having connection to the earth. Biophilia can help designers with designing for the earth, it allows us to try to design in a sustainable way.

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