Meditation is key

I wanted to start off by saying how shocked I am at how fast this course went by. It feels like last week we were going on our field trips to the museum and the sustainability center. I learned so much in this class that I didn’t even know I needed to learn. I am glad I took this course and definitely would recommend it to anyone. I didn’t even know what a wicked problem was before coming into this class and now I believe everyone should be aware of the wicked problems going on around us. I am also grateful for Professor Jayadas for making this class so fun and interesting.

I believe mindfulness can be a hard concept in this day and age. A lot of people don’t want to face the truth about what is really going on in our world. I really liked the meditation exercise linked to mindfulness we did in class. I can’t remember the last time I closed my eyes and focused on what was going on around me like that. I thought Marc Cohen’s ted talk was very eye opening. I like how he talked about happiness and how he included mindfulness into being happy. What I got out of his ted talk was that you need to be aware of the world and what is going on around you so you can make the right choices to be happy. I also like how he centered happiness around everything in life. I will definitely learned a lot from that ted talk and will be using the message it came with in my everyday life.

In the mindfulness and sustainability reading they covered a lot of topics. I will be pointing out just a couple that stood out to me. First, as I stated in the previous paragraph was mindfulness meditation. People are always on the go and put so much on their plate these days. I didn’t realize it until we practiced this in class but, it felt amazing to take a little breather and understand the important things going on around you. Something else that caught my eye was modern trends in mindful thinking. People are so caught up in social media and trends they don’t even think about what’s helping and hurting the environment. So, I think tieing mindfulness and sustainability together with modern trends will get more people thinking.

In project two I am writing about wood waste in construction and demolition. From my research i’ve learned a lot of helpful new things. Such as, staining wood makes it no longer recyclable. And the machines and vehicles they use to transport and recycle this wood pollutes our air. So, if we use machines and power plants or landfills we are hurting our environment. This topic is the perfect definition of a wicked problem to me.

In the poverty reading the main points I got out of it were environmental degradation and the elements of globalization. Population growth is always on the rise which leads to poverty. The poor relies on what is around them to survive and if we aren’t being mindful then it will be impossible for these people to survive. I thought Layla’s ted talk was very informational. She talked about how the “green” choice isn’t always best for our environment. She wants people to learn more about our environment and not be fooled by what looks like the right choice. Biophilia is when a human wants to be intact with nature. This means we love natural life and it keeps us sustainable

In conclusion, week three seemed like a week packed full of information. We covered a lot of topics in class and through our reading. I am happy with what I learned in this course and I will forever practice mindfulness.

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