Mindfulness is the key to many solutions. Over the years people have grown to not care about the after effect of what they are doing, but more of the in the moment benefit. For example, when you go to the grocery store you get plastic bags for EVERYTHING, from your food to your clothing. After you are finished with the bag when you get home, you most likely will throw it away into another plastic bag.  It’s a continuing cycle that at this rate will never end. In a TED talk by Leyla Acaroglu she talks about how common plastic is in our daily lives and how we simply cannot get away from it. In California they are actively trying to eliminate plastic bags by charging for them, which is helping, but why did it have to get to charging for the bags to slow the cycle? This is a key example where mindfulness could have dramatically slowed the plastic bag cycle. In a TED talk by Marc Cohen, he talks about how mindfulness is the start to solving wicked problem. He also talks about you have to be well with yourself to begin to be mindful and helpful in the environment. We also read an article about mindfulness and sustainability, which brought up a chart that connected 4 things, mindfulness, well-being, values and empathy and compassion, sustainability and behavior. This chart is a perfect way to show how you need to have mindfulness to lead to everything else.

In another article we talked about poverty and the effect on the environment. I was very shocked to find out that poverty driven people are a large assistance to unsustainable practices. Due to them not being able to afford the new devices that are sustainable they revert back to the old ways. I believe that people who are in poverty are not biophilic due to their lack of intimacy with their environment. Some may argue that these people are the most biophilic just because they have to use nature to get their food, but I would say the harm outweighs the good.

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