Mindfulness = Fulfillment

I view being mindful as being aware, the more aware someone is the more that person will feel obligated to make the world a little better. This doesn’t have to be some big, grand plan to save the world but by making a change in one’s daily life it can have a butterfly effect. If my actions help even one person or creature then I will feel fulfilled but if my actions could inspire another person and then create a chain of people that are aware, we could truly make this world a little brighter. One thing I took away from last weeks reading was that happiness should not come from materials, it should come from with and then be spread to others.

I am choosing to look at how we can prevent Construction Waste. Waste itself is dependent on who you ask, and construction waste is no different. In the construction field, what is defined as waste can vary from the position the person is in. It can be difficult to identify just one solution that would work in all places. There are many definitions of waste; therefor, there are many different routes that one could take to make a change. If we don’t act now the waste will continue to stack up higher and higher. Acting now will help us get control and prevent future waste. Regardless of who is being asked to define waste, we must start somewhere and if we help reduce waste at every level we can achieve overall success.

Marc Cohen’s TED Talk was brilliant but there were two major phrases that spoke out to me and they were: 1. Choose Your Delusion & 2. Vote with Your Wallet. To me “Choose Your Delusion” Is a beautiful sentence because he is right, there is either Pronoia or Paranoia and why should we choose to be unhappy. We also need to hold companies accountable and as Cohen says, “Vote with Our Wallets.” Companies listen to money and if people come together we can keep these corporations in check and stop the unnecessary waste.

Yes, the world we live in today has its fair share of negatives but there is still hope out there and if enough of us choose to be happily delusional maybe, just maybe we can make the world a better place.

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