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I believe mindfulness is very important. If more people took the time to truly understand what their actions may cause than many issues could be prevented easily.  When it comes to sustainability some people do not understand that their action may be the cause to the problems around them. I know that before taking this class I dint feel that not recycling effected so many things. I am now aware that with being mindful so many things can be reused or be put back in to other use to better our environment.

If we were more sustainable in our careers who knows the amount of improvement could take place. While doing activity 2 the wicked problem that I chose to my career filed over Fast fashion. Fast fashion is taking over the fashion industry. It produces so many problems to the environment as a whole but I realized I wanted to focus on the Human labor rights that are in violation. Technology is continuing to evolve and so is fast fashion. Many do not understand what this means. The reality of the situation is people and energy are being overused to create and produce the goods that are for high demand just as fast as they are being ordered. There are factories where humans are worked like slaves to produce the goods that many of us are clicking away to purchase. Trends and styles are new every day and something will always be needed to be created but when do these individuals get a break. Reality is many do not. This is a wicked problem within itself. This is not good on the and the environment and the people who are trying to create these goods.

What are we truly doing to our environment. I don’t believe that we notice the true harm that we contribute every day. While reading issue 6 over poverty this reading explains how people living in poverty effect their living environment wherever that may be. it can be that these locations are run down and not getting the proper cleaning that’s it need. This makes one think how do fix the problem. Do we people go to these and environment and hope they stay clean. The answer is No. This makes me think about the cycle we create for our own problems. The key to this problem is to eliminate poverty as a whole. The planet will not suffer by people who can’t keep it because there aren’t any people that clean and take care of it.

Leyla’s Ted Talk presents that no matter what creations are made for whatever use, these items will impact on our environment is some way. If we use life cycle assessment and see where every stage of problems come from sustainability can have increase on our environment. She speaks about the landfilled that is a field with old food that could be used for other resources like supplying energy. Yet we just throw so many every day products away when these items could and should be used to its full potential. As consumers it’s our job to take the little things that our right in front of us and put things to better use than being collected in a land field that is only destroying our environment. Changes like these can make a great impact to the problems of sustainability. Eventually all product need to made with the intention to better serve the environment and substantial adjustments will not have to take place.

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