blog post #3

Mindfulness is defined as the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. I believe that one must be mindful about their surrounding environment so that they can become more sustainable in their daily lives. If the world was more mindful, then the environment and the climate would be much better. Sustainability and mindfulness go hand-in-hand.

The TED Talks were very eye opening and interesting. Both speakers gave great points that I believe everyone should take into account. The poverty reading was also very interesting. If poverty was focused on, more people would become sustainable. People who live in poverty are not necessarily in good environments where they can be sustainable. If society as a whole tries to start with the small things in poverty, they can create a big impact.

The fashion industry should also start looking at more sustainable opportunities with their products and practices. There is so much waste and pollution from the fashion industry and that should be looked further in to. If one industry can become more sustainable, then others will follow.

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