My Sustainability Journey

Previously I believed that sustainability was just coming up with practices that are sustainable to whatever it is you are doing and also sustaining the environment. I guess my theory still holds some relevance and is true, but only partly. As I previously stated, sustainability is creating smarter practices that have a more positive effect of our Earth, but it also strongly encouraged because practicing a sustainable lifestyle will positively impact future generations. Paul Gilding starts off by stating four words that shape the whole context of his TED Talk. He states that “The Earth is full”. Gilding believes we have created too much stuff, economy is larger than the planet, we live beyond our means. He believes that we are doing too many negative things on Earth currently and that eventually the Earth will shut down because of our unjust practices. After doing some research, I have to agree with him. If we keep going down the road we are, and destroying the Earth through wasteful practices, we will eventually pass the point of no return. Once we pass that point we as humans will not be able to go back and fix it and must live or die with the consequences of killing our Earth.

I really was touched by the Native American practice of picking every sixth berry. I believe that this is a very cool practice because it is an easy and down to Earth example of how one culture has been able to remain living in a sustainable culture. I think if we practiced less wasteful methods like this, we would have a much longer and less stressful life on Earth. One story that relates closer to that of us on Earth is the story of Easter Island. It relates to the current situation of the Earth in present because like the people of Easter Island, current humans are not wisely using the resources that Earth has given them. We as humans waste our natural resources and put their byproducts towards unneeded objects to fill our selfish needs. If we do not begin coming up with more sustainable practices, our life on Earth will come to an end.

A wicked problem to me is a problem that has been in existence for a good amount of time, and us as humans have not found a foolproof way to solve said problem. Though we have not found for sure ways to overcome many wicked problems, some humans are actively participating in the taming of these wicked problems. They are doing this by getting together and coming up with creative ideas that will in turn help eradicate the wicked problem; making the world a better place for our generation, and future generations to live. Wicked problems are summed up in six points, the problems contain vague definitions, they have variable solutions, those solutions have no end point in sight. The solutions also pose irreplaceable effects, and also require unique approaches to solving the problem. Most importantly though, all of these problems are extremely urgent to find a solution to. If we do not create solutions soon we will eventually meet a not so good end. Andrew Dent discusses the idea of thrift to help put an end to wasteful practices. The idea of thrift centers around using what you need but not purchasing anything, so you actually save money and the environment.

A wicked problem that I am interested in exploring how workers who create our clothing garments over-seas are manipulated and often times abused. I have always heard rumors about how over-seas worker are not subjected to fair wages, working conditions, and many other factors. I personally believe that this is an acceptable because a person should be treated and seen as a person, and not just a faceless worker in an apparel company’s factory. I cannot wait to learn more about this pressing issue, and also educate my peers about it through my blog posts.

I believe that I am already starting to change my view on sustainability after only one week in this class. I have begun to recycle more than I did in the past and I am also looking into ways that I can lessen my environmental impact on the Earth.

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