Growing up, I never knew what sustainability was. It’s something they didn’t teach us in elementary school or even in high school. Now that I’m in college, I have an idea what sustainability could be. To me, sustainability is a way of reusing objects to create something new. It’s a way of protecting the Earth for generations after generations. Sustainability is more of a wicked problem than a solution. A wicked problem is a problem that is hard to solve because there is no real solution. A wicked problem is different from a tame problem because a tame problem has a solution that can be solved. Everyone has their own views about how they see the world, but how can someone see the world when the Earth is dirty and unsustainable.

Native Americans have always been big on protecting their land. Me being Native American too I understand why we want to protect our land. We have a long tradition on living sustainable and ways we protect Earth. One way Native Americans use sustainability is that we protect the minerals that the Earth has provided us with. Everything we do changes the environment in any shape or form, whether it be good or bad. Me being Native American has put in my mind that what my ancestors done to protect the environment years ago will not only affect them but my generation and my children’s generation also. If other people can see where Native people are coming from, then this will benefit our future.

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