My Sustainability Journey pt 2

After being in wicked problems for 2 weeks now, it has allowed me to reflect quite a bit. I’ve realized that there is lots of little changes in my personal life that I can make in order to be more sustainable. This class has inspired me to be more intentional with my decisions regarding small things like straws, throwing away trash, and plastic bottle usage. I have been trying to bring my water bottle everywhere so I can make that small step of not using plastic in order to reduce plastic waste, even if it is only slightly it does make a difference. I had no idea how impactful being mindful was/ is in my life. After reading the article on mindfulness I wanted to strive to be mindful and inspire my peers to be mindful. Since mindfulness and sustainability go hand in hand I think its super important that I try and get not only myself, but others to be mindful. Doing so, in return will make others want to be more green and sustainable.

After meditating in class my mind felt more at ease and more aware and alert of my surroundings. I think the meditation made me more mindful, it made me question: are those who meditate daily more likely to be sustainable? I feel like the answer is yes, because if you are more in touch with your soul and inner being you are more in touch with the earth. I think if everyone took the time of day to meditate for 5-10 minutes it would benefit our mindfulness and wellbeing as a whole. What I personally enjoyed most about the meditation is how slow my breathing and heart rate got, I felt so at ease and as if all of my problems in that moment had been lifted off my shoulders. I was actually noticing my breath and my thoughts were a lot clearer. With the chocolate meditation, I felt as it I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate more. The flavors were more powerful, creamy, and I appreciated it significantly more than just scarfing it down.

Sustainability in the Easter Island and today are scary similar and I learned that as I read the article. It concerns me, because I feel like we as a society are lazy and think the issue will resolve itself, when in essence it takes every one of us to step up and make personal changes in order to see a change someday. I feel like this issue will not be solved until it is a ‘stressor’. Like Marc Cohen said in his vortex model on stress, once it becomes a big stressor we will have to cope with it. Marc Cohen defined wellness as experiencing greatest fulfillment and longevity. I feel like this idea ties into being mindful. I personally can focus on my wellness by eating good foods, coping with stress in a healthy manner, and making sure I am enjoying myself. These things will increase my wellness and in essence make me more mindful. Cohen also talks on how for every negative thought we have a positive thought. With this idea and sustainability, you can see the good in what is being done. For example, there is so much waste and the earth is a ticking time bomb from pollution, or you could say, yes there are issues we face with pollution and excess waste, but companies are slowly shifting to make a difference, and all it takes is one company to strike gold and everyone follow. There is a way to turn every negative situation into a positive one, it is all about mindset.

In the 11th Hour is was heavily discussed how we are in serious danger and need to act quick! I feel like as a school we can act ‘quick’ by not selling plastic water bottles, and instead requiring students to carry a water bottle, and giving them a small discount for doing so. This action would reduce extreme amounts of plastic and could possible turn into a movement at other college campuses. Ideas like this make positive changes to the issues discussed in the 11th hour. Although there are lots of other issues, reducing plastic would be a great start to making a change. I found it really interesting when they said we could power everything on earth 3,000 times with the energy from the sun. I think that is something we should take advantage of , and chase down an idea to use this God given energy source.

These past 2 weeks have already made an impact on my mindset and day to day actions. I am going to actively try and slow down and meditate for 10 minutes 3 days a week to boost my wellness and mindfulness. I hope this will help with my overall wellbeing and progress as a student.

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