Blog 2- Calli Cooper

In the last week of this class, I was able to learn  a deeper meaning for being mindful and sustainable.  I believe everyone wants to be mindful, but when it actually comes down to it is where we struggle.  This act has to start with us individually; it’s something deeper than just one the surface.  It’s a sense of awareness we feel within us that can ultimately influence our well-being greatly.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to experience this in the most positive way and have their life changed for the better by having a deeper sense of mindfulness?  It even has the ability to not only improve our well-being, but to make us happier and more positive in the end by individuals diving deeper into themselves and their mind. 

            Being mindful also ties into meditation and its positive affects on us and our well-being.  Meditation is when we are fully present in the moment; this is where we feel a sense of balance and relaxation at its peak.  In the world we live in today, I don’t believe we practice meditation and mindfulness enough or even at all for that matter.  If more individuals were to participate in these practices, only then may we start to see a tremendously positive impact on our universe as a whole.  In Marc Cohen’s Ted Talk, he exemplifies this to a tea.  I completely agree with him when he discusses how we must need well-being in order to be happy.  How else do we have the ability to be happy if were not truly in tune with our own being and the world around us.  This is why there are so many lost souls around the world, because they don’t have a clear sense of mindfulness and well-being.  It is crucial for us in the world to find our own sense of balance, only then can we be truly at peace and aware with the things going on around us.  The world determines each individuals balance, it’s just up to us to control it in a positive way where we don’t let negatives around us influence our well-being and ultimately our balance.  Another very interesting topic I took away from Cohen’s talk is the fact we either have the ability to choose pronoia or paranoia.  We either believe the world is out to harm us and make us sad, or the world is out to help us and make us happy.  After learning this, I realized how true it was and how each individual is a testimony to pronoia and paranoia in the way they behave in their everyday lives.  I believe I’m somewhere in the middle.  In my opinion, the world isn’t out to hurt me or make me happy; it’s really only up to us to determine how the world allows us to feel. 

            The movie titled “11th Hour” taught me so much about the world in which I have never learned about before.  The filmmakers related our planet to an infected organism, which I think is true in the sense that humans continue to use up our resources in ways that our own environment cannot sustain.  From the perspective of the filmmakers, our earth is in the process of crumbling and the human population soon be extinct if we don’t come up with ways to change our everyday life and learn how to once again be connected to our environment.  On the upside, there are ways we can ultimately do to change the trajectory of where our Earth is headed.  Filmmakers say we need to create a culture that will interact with science and the world around us in a sustainable fashion.  In my eyes, this is a very true fact; Instead of using up the only resources we may have left at a tremendous rate, we must connect back to our roots in science and our world altogether. 

            The activity 2 went off of the 11th Hour movie we watched and asked us particular questions about what exactly we took away from it.  Looking back at it, something in particular that stood out to me was, “A few degrees may be the only thing that separates us from catastrophic change.”  This is a current barrier to sustainability according to filmmakers, in the sense that Earth’s exponential growth of temperature is due to the human race.  The climate change we’re facing today may greatly affect the water cycle.  These different things just come to show how many of Earth’s resources humans use up and how it will, in turn, have a drastic affect on our environment. 

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