Let’s Be Mindful

I always believed that I was rather conscious of my surroundings and wellbeing, but with just one more week in this class I was proved otherwise. While I do understand the importance of being mindful, I never realized the impact it can really have. After learning more about mindfulness and meditation, I am eager to try to start practicing it and showing others about this. When you are mindful you are aware of yourself and your surroundings. It increases our awareness and focus. If you think about it, mindfulness could lead us to many new perspectives. I never thought about this, but it really does make sense. If you’re practicing mindfulness, you are aware of your surroundings which would then lead to noticing the many problems we are faced with. In turn, that means that you would care more about the environment and the problems it is facing. If you are more materialistic and self-absorbed with yourself, you are far less likely to care about others and the world we live in.

When we practiced mindfulness and meditation in class, I tried to take into consideration what we read before class. I have never really practiced it before so it was a completely new experience for me. It was actually nice to have time to focus, relax, and be aware of myself and everything around me. This practice is important because it can change the way we think as a society. Imagine if we had the whole population of Stillwater meditating and practicing mindfulness. We would see a completely different campus! After class, I can proudly say that I hope I can keep up with this practice.

Marc Cohen really described this all well. We all want to be healthy and well, but how can we do that if our world is not well? We simply cannot be well unless the world is well. If we see a shift in the way we think, we could see a shift in our world. The way we live our lifestyle needs to change, it’s a large problem. We always hear about people dying from lack of nutrition, but we fail to hear about the people dying from overconsumption. If we can practice mindfulness, we would start to think more of others and our surroundings.

Out of everything we did this week, my favorite by far was watching the 11th hour documentary. It scared me if I am being honest. We are a selfish society that does not see the importance of changing the way we live. We need to reduce our nonrenewable resource consumption. Humans are the only people that can really fix this. One part that really had me thinking was when we mentioned how 99.999% of species have become extinct during earth’s lifetime. What if humans are one of those species? The topic of climate change has always scared me, and watching this documentary opened my eyes to the many problems we are faced with. I don’t want to be the next one to disappear. It truly motivated me to want to make a difference or help in any way that I can. After finishing the documentary, going to do Activity 2 just made it all real. Right in front of me were various problems from climate change, deforestation, overpopulation, and many more. It was interesting to stop and consider if any of these could be irreversible. While I do hope that they are, I sadly did not check that box too many times. It’s scary to think of the world we are in and where we are heading. While I try to be hopeful, I hope others can be too. There are many steps that need to be taken, and maybe one of them can start by just being mindful. The very last thing that I got from all of this was that I really do think that Wicked Problems is a class that everyone should take. It makes you think in a way that you have not before, and opens up your mind to what is happening in our world today.

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