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What I found as I read the mindfulness and sustainability article is that I agree so strongly with this concept. By definition, being mindful means being in a state of awareness and taking note of what is occurring within ourselves and in the outside world, accepting it exactly as it is. This can so easily be applied to sustainability and the manner in which we treat our Earth, because if we have a keen, immersive awareness of the state of our planet then we will not be able to ignore the damage being done. This in turn will force us to pay attention to the environment and guide us closer to finding a solution.

One way to actively practice mindfulness is to meditate. The act of meditation allows you to be fully present in each moment, focusing on every detail of the current moment without letting everyday life distract you. In maintaining this mindful state, your overall well-being is raised and can lead to sustainable behaviors. In addition to this, mindfulness encourages values of empathy and compassion which are also gateways to sustainability. Achieving a happier, healthier lifestyle through mindful practices such as meditation allows us to forget the materialistic things and focus on what is truly of value and importance.

Marc Cohen’s TEDtalk focuses mostly on the idea of wellness. Cohen states that it is difficult to be happy when the environment around us is not well. This relates to the environment and sustainability because when you’re sick, it’s all about “me” but when you’re well, it’s all about “we”. So having an outward mindset where the focus is on others and the world as a whole, or a “we” mindset”, then that will lead to a more sustainable Earth. Additionally, Cohen mentions a very important concept that he calls “voting with your wallet”. When he says this he means that any time you purchase something, you are supporting their business and the ideals that they stand for. This support is essentially what drives the leaders of our economy, government, and our environment in the sense of our resource consumption.

Finally, after watching The 11th Hour, I analyzed various wicked problems in our world at the moment as well as potential undefined solutions. Then, I noted the reasons why those problems were considered wicked. This activity, as well as the documentary as a whole, really made me think deeply about the environment and how quickly the state of the Earth as declining. The goal of The 11th Hour was partially a scare tactic to spread awareness and increase attention to the issues at hand. The documentary succeeded in this because it frightened me but also motivated me to work even harder to find a solution.

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