Blog 2

It is said that being mindfulness and being sustainable goes hand-and-hand. Mindfulness is a mental technique that promotes awareness and a more mindful way of living. It can increase one’s well-being, value clarification, empathy and compassion. Everyone needs to find time to practice mindfulness in their busy life. However, to do so, one would have to take it slow and ease in to the process or it could be degrading. To be mindfulness, the practice of meditation can help. Paying attention to one’s body, feelings, thoughts, surroundings, and context is a perfect example to enhance the mind. Meditation has been pointed out as one of the more effective ways of achieving happiness as well. Though I believe one can be content without meditation, I do believe the practice could help.

In class, last week, we got the chance to practice meditation to be more mindfulness. Personally, I have done yoga in the past and so this is nothing new to me. It was nice to have some quiet time in the class. Practicing meditation through the touch of nature or just with chocolate, was both nice, however, different. It made me realize how I need to be more grateful of my time and everyday life. Focusing on the little things can enhance my mindfulness.

The TED Talk with Marc Cohen was really good. He talked about wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability, how they all relate to each other. It is hard to be happy if one is not well; one can’t be well if their surroundings aren’t well either. He taught us to be authentic. To be present in your mind, action, and behavior. We need to all play a part in evolution. We need to balance egocentric selfish actions with egoless selfless actions. We should also find peace within ourselves. When we are at peace, our common sense and inner wisdom naturally guide our actions.

The 11th hour documentary was very informational and interesting. The causes of extensive damage to our climate is the ultimate crisis. There are so many people who argue and view human beings as separate from nature, however, they are wrong. We are blocking change, that is developed from nature, and it is because of greed in the society. We will and currently are the cause of the world destruction. We will kill off our host, the planet that we live on. We lack the authority to drive things such as sustainability into law because, in reality, we have a constitution that empowers corporation fuels to make decisions that trumps the majority. On the issues of climate change and environment, the political system,s have failed us. It is not foremost the crisis of technology nor the price of public opinion. The general public will give an overwhelming Hugh responses of yes to solar energy, efficient cars, and much more, however, it is the bridge across public opinion to public policies called the government. All responses are to higher power, there is no given control. That is just the wicked problem, climate change, biodiversity loss, population growth, deforestation, nonrenewable resource uses, and soil erosion. All of these problems have no endpoint, is irreversible, unique, and highly urgent.

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