Blog 2

We need to develop new practices to a sustainable life so we can decrease the amount of issues we are facing.  We must be more mindful of the world around us, but before we can do that, we need to be more mindful within ourselves.  Being mindful can be achieved through meditation, yoga, and other practices.  We need to focus on being present and being here now, and if we do this, we are more likely to practice sustainability in our everyday lives.  Mindfulness creates more compassion in ourselves, which will impact the environment in a very positive way.  Being very mindful helps people cope with stress and adapt to new things better, so if are less stressed and willing to adapt easier the world will become so much better.  After we meditated in class, I definitely felt less stressed and more relaxed.  It is very important to be mindful because you are more aware of what is happening around you.  If everyone chose to meditate and become more mindful, imagine how big of an impact we could make on the world.  

In Marc Cohen’s TED talk he talked about how being well helps to be happy. If your wellness is high, you will be more present, enjoy life more, and be happier overall.  Being connect to yourself and the world will help achieve the wellness balance in your life.  What do you do to create good wellness in your life? Having a good wellness makes you more mindful, which creates a more sustainable world.  Our lifestyle has created many people dying from malnutrition, but so many more dying from over consumption.  We need to be more mindful and use our wealth to help the universe instead of hurting it.  Finding peace deep inside will make you happier, make others happier, and help the environment succeed.  

While watching the 11thhour video I did not realize how fast the arctic is melting.  The polar ice caps are shrinking very quickly, and it is so sad to know that we have caused the melting.  We must change our ways and try and salvage what we can of the arctic.  If we continue on as we are, we could lose a wide variety of species.  When doing activity 2, it really brought all of the problems within the environment into perspective.  I did not know that burning so many fossil fuels and coal has created tons of air pollution.  Also, we are cutting down so many forests and creating wat too much deforestation.  With all the burning of fossil fuels the carbon dioxide levels are continuing to climb, and we have cut down so many trees so they cannot take in the carbon dioxide.  If we become more mindful of our environment, we can began fixing the world we live in.  

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