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What I got from the article about mindfulness was that it can be viewed in different ways. It can either be practiced using mental techniques or just simply making an effort to make yourself present in situations. A part of mindfulness is that it improves well-being and empathy and brings out your true values. Studies show that people who are “here” and “now” are the happiest. This can improve friendships and relationships and you can support them in being more mindful too. The last thing I took away was that improving your well-being decreases the want of material goods and helps you think before you spend. This connects with sustainability because you aren’t buying items just for a feeling of happiness and then they end up becoming unused and unneeded. The pursuit of happiness doesn’t exploit other people, the environment, or future generation.

Recently I’ve gotten recommendations from friends to try meditation as a way of relaxation, I’ve just never known how to go about it. In lecture this week we practiced two different types of meditation. One with a piece of a chocolate and another with a woman guiding us through our thoughts. Personally I was able to zone everything out and focus better while the woman was guiding us through relaxation. Meditation is a way to practice mindfulness and it’s important to incorporate something like this into your everyday life. Being mindful allows you to be aware and present in the moment. In today’s society phones easily distract us during activities which can cause us to miss out on priceless moments. By being mindful not only affects yourself but also those around you. If everyone started making a change and tried to meditate almost everyday souls would happier and there would be more peace in the world.

In Marc Cohen’s TED talk he discusses how we need well-being to happy. This goes along with the points I made before and I completely agree. But it’s hard for us to be well if the world and everyone around us isn’t. Everyone isn’t going to make a lifestyle change all at once though so there are things we can personally do that hopefully will catch on to others. For every negative thought we have, there should be a positive thought in return. This helps to see the good in things and makes situations less stressful. Other things to do are eating healthy or making time for self care. Everything is all about mindset and you’re in control of your life.

The 11th hour documentary was very educational and interesting. If we don’t change our practices in our everyday life the Earth will continue to crumble and cause extinction of the human population. This is honestly scary and should be a reality check for everyone. Sustainability comes into play here because it’s how we save the Earth. It involves many wicked problems like deforestation, ocean and air pollution which are so hard to handle. I think the complexity of it all makes us think that we can’t do anything about it but that’s false. Simply planting more trees or recycling a plastic water bottle makes a difference. Overall the documentary did a good job about spreading awareness about these issues we are facing.

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