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While reading the article, Mindfulness of Sustainability, there was one part in the first paragraph that really stood out to me. The article stated that “sixty percent of ecosystems were degraded or being used unsustainably” (Ericson, 73). It is crazy for me to think about how we are wastefully destroying half the Earth every minute of every-day. Granted, a lot of the practices that negatively affect the ecosystem are being done to create things we need as humans such as, food water, fuel, fiber, and timber, but some are just wasteful. Many of the wasteful practices are due to over consumption, because as humans we often think that we need to buy more ‘stuff’ than we are actually able to use. An example of over consumption I am guilty of is clothes shopping. I often believe that I must stay up with trends, so I buy a particular item, wear it once, and let it sit in the back of my closet. After reading this article I will start being more mindful of my shopping habits and lean toward purchasing items I need, not want.

Speaking of mindfulness, on last Monday in lecture we all practiced three forms of meditation. I found each form very peaceful, and it was nice to just chill and let my mind be free. During meditation ceremonies I often enjoy just sitting and thinking about whatever problem has been on my mind, and without stressing myself out, thinking of ways I can over power and diminish the problem. The problem that I meditated on, and discussed in my activity two, was the chilling fact that industrial workers in overseas factories are often not treated the way a person should what so ever. They are not payed enough, the factories they spend every working day in, may often times not be in the best conditions, and they are sometimes subject to breathing in harmful chemicals from dyes, or whatever substance they are working on. This in my opinion is a wicked problem that needs to be solved fast, because people should be treated as people and not faceless factory workers.

Last week while watching 11th hour I found it frightening just how many harmful ways humans are currently practicing. It was honestly a bit overwhelming how many problems the experts and scientists were stating, and how even though the film was a bit dated, how many practices are still taking place to this day, you would think that people would change many of their ways since a lot of the problems affect them and their happiness. Marc Cohen in his TED Talk stated that “it is really hard to be happy unless he is well, and it is really hard for him to be well when the environment around him is not well.” His statement really touched me because it makes a lot of sense. When natural disasters were taking place in my area growing up, it made the whole town upset. I would think that people would change their ways that negatively impact global warming, because as the 11th Hour stated, global warming causes many natural disasters around the world, and this causes unhappiness in many people’s lives. What are your thoughts on how happiness of mind and happiness of environment affect one another.

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