Blog 2

While reading the article on Mindfulness and Sustainability, I finally understood that the two work hand in hand. In order to be sustainable, we must first be mindful. If we are not aware of the detrimental effects our actions are causing to the wellness of our ecosystem, then we will never be able to be fully sustainable and make a real difference.

In my opinion, mindfulness first comes from self awareness. The meditation in class allowed each of us to take a second and examine our own habits in our daily lives and how they could possibly affect the world around us. in order to be mindful we need to be self aware because self awareness is the tipping point for changes to be made, especially healthy changes that could better impact our planet and our personal pursuit of happiness.

The TED talk given by Marc Cohen explained to us how wellness is a personal and internal feeling. He listed a few dimensions in which wellness can be achieved whether it be sexual, spiritual, etc. I appreciated how he explained the differences between medicine and wellness. Wellness is different to each individual person and can only be seen from the inside out, where as medicine is quite different and is a physical portrait of health. Cohen did a great job of explaining how wellness, mindfulness, and sustainability are all interconnected and can be used in a positive way to better impact society.

The 11th Hour documentary truly showed how we as people, specifically Americans, are so highly adapted to the ways of consumerism that is is an almost irreversible issue. It went into depth on how difficult it would be to alter the now so common ways of our society. We live our live’s by a series of choices, but unfortunately we’re making the wrong ones. They emphasized a separation between real life issues and issues of consumerism and how that is now affecting not only the planet, but eventually themselves.

Activity 2 allowed me to take time to fully analyze the 11th Hour. It showed that while each problem we face may not be wicked, they are still equally as important as a contribution to the wellbeing of the planet.

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