Meditation and Mindfulness

Being halfway through with this class, I have really started to take my actions into account and started to think more about sustainability than I ever have. Now, I can see the connection between mindfulness and sustainability and how meditation is a helpful tool.Out of the three methods of meditation that we used in class, I would have to say that the guided meditation by Tara Brach was my favorite. Although sitting in that classroom wasn’t the most comfortable scenario, her meditation caused me to focus and relax. In the past, I wasn’t very interested in meditation and didn’t think it was something that would affect me. After meditating in class, I have decided to incorporate it into my daily life. It allows me to take a moment to slow down and really enjoy living in the moment and thinking about myself and my actions. Marc Cohen’s TEDTalk about mindfulness pointed out how much our own thought processes can affect our physical wellbeing.

I found watching “The 11th Hour” documentary very difficult to do. It pointed out the state of our world today and how if we don’t change our actions, we could lose the world that we love. It’s crazy to think that we are causing the own downfall of our species just by being selfish and ignorant to the causes of our actions. I feel that for our society to be sustainable as a whole, it must begin with individuals. We have to take steps in our lives for change to ripple across the world.

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