Mindfulness and Our Vision ​of The World

While reading about Mindfulness and Sustainability I began to understand the importance of the concept of mindfulness throughout our day to day life. I loved in the reading how they spoke on the importance of mindfulness in schools and in bringing up children. Throughout the passage I learned that changing one portion of your day can change your whole life and world view. I enjoyed this reading, even though it was long and in little lettering, I learned to understand their position on sustainability. I found it interesting that a change in mindset could potentially change the world and our surroundings. 

            Our Meditation in class was very inspirational to me. I actually came home to my friends and talked it through with them. I always have found meditation intriguing and something that I was interested in.  That class day was a push for me to explore more ideas behind meditation. I have since looked into new ways to help my mental state by meditating right as I wake up. I focus on not letting myself speak negative words and think negative thoughts. Mindfulness is so important to me and always has been, but this class has made me focus even more on how I can improve myself and my surroundings. 

            Through Mindfulness I feel like we can change societies outlook on the world. If you are mindful of your actions and have more love in your heart for everyday things, you will want to sustain those things. Marc Cohen goes into this philosophy a little in his TED talk. He focuses on happiness and how it goes hand in hand in wellness. He says that you “can’t be well until your environment and people around me are well.” He defines Wellness as the constant pursuit of happy living. Cohen sheds light on the Ego self- physically of our body, worried about what goes in and what goes out such as buying stuff. I took a lot away from this TED talk and mixed with the meditation of the day, really made me think. 

            Throughout the film “The 11thHour” I really began to second guess my actions. They made it very clear that our world cannot sustain itself on our way of living. It draws the conclusion that it’s easy to change so why don’t we? I’m glad that we watched this movie because I got to see my effect on the earth and gave me ideas to how we could potentially change our ways and make a huge difference. Activity 2 was perfect for me to analyze what I took in during the 11thhour. It made me understand that not all problems are wicked, but it doesn’t make them less of a universal issue. Some have solutions that are easy, we are just waiting for human collaboration with these solutions.

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