Make Mindfulness a Trend

In today’s world nobody is mindful. Nobody worries about being mindful as long as they are taken care of they do not care. Therefore by not worrying about being mindful, they are not worried about sustainability either. The biggest changes will be made when people can being mindful of others and think ahead to the future. Being sustainable can lead to a better future where hopefully we can think of innovative solutions to some of our wicked problems. Sustainability is very important and I believe that if one person started acting more sustainably then it could become a trend and everyone would start. Especially if the person who started the trend was a celebrity. Celebrities can reach many people and often make a bigger impact on the average person. From the readings this week I learned that being mindful of the people around you can lead to being environmentally mindful. If someone is depressed they cannot truly be mindful, so we need to step back and de-stress every once in a while. Meditation can be very powerful in taking a minute to de stress and put the focus back on what matters. By meditating people can better connect with their inner selves and be more peaceful in everyday life. We learned about chocolate meditation in class last week and I have to say it is my favorite form of meditation. Marc Cohen had a great Ted talk, he talked about being fully present and achieving happiness. He also talked about balance, average health, ill health, and enhanced health which is very important. A big takeaway was the axis of bliss that he talked about. It joins the illness and wellness in one. The movie the 11th hour was frightening in an eye opening way. The wicked problems that we create are so scary and it does not help that we cannot actually fix these problems. We really need to be mindful of what we do everyday so we can be sustainable. Activity 2 was all about the 11th hour wicked problems. For example, deforestation, biodiversity, and climate change were a few wicked problems discussed in the film. It opened my eyes that we need to think about our actions by being mindful as well as being as sustainable as possible every day.

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