Blog 3

Within my study in the apparel industry and sustainability, I would like to use my time to explore more about fast fashion and sweatshops. I know it’s a big topic and frown upon because it is so unethical. Though many are aware of this major problem, there are still sweatshop operating around the world. Stores such as Forever 21, Wet Seal, and The Gap, are considered fast fashion shops because of the goods they make are made in large quantities and sell them for cheap. It is bad for the economy and is not ethical.

Something that is just as horrible to think about is the issue of poverty. There are so many people suffering and, not that we can’t do anything, but it’s a truly wicked problem. Poverty remains a root cause of serve environmental problems. The poor are forced into unsustainable practices and living situations and there isn’t anything we can really do to help them. This truly is a problem bigger than us.

The TED Talk with Leyla was really interesting, I thought. Society is all aware of what the gist of sustainability is and what little actions we can all do to save the planet such as using paper over plastic. We should be extracting material from the environment when we are producing them. Environmental folklore is based on our experiences. Every choice we make, big or small, has an impact on all of the ecosystems. However, what we need to do is to learn how to do more with less. Most of the things, the waste that we produce, end up in landfills. Where there is no oxygen and tightly compacted and heated. Which contributes to climate change. We should be striving to reconsider how things are design and design the mindset of sustainability. Designing dictate the way in which the system can be far more sustainable.

Biophilia is so important in the sustainable world as well. Biophilia is the loving of life or living systems. It reshapes how we think about and interacts with our environments. It’s changing the way we work and live within the built environment. It is such an important thing we have to include in our life because nature has huge restorative effects. We can use nature as a form of therapy; connecting with nature has numerous benefits. Spending time outdoors, you can acquire a sense of adventure, your mood could increase, create positive emotions, and can increase your energy along with many other things. Biophilia is moving forward into the construction field, building work offices and buildings incorporating nature scenes.

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