Blog 3

While working on activity 3 I have learned that the textile industry is one of the leading industries in producing waste.  There are many companies within the industry that are trying to change their ways and become more sustainable.  One thing I know I could do better was recycle my old clothes.  There are many times I have just thrown my old clothes away, when I could have taken them to recycling centers to lengthen their life cycle.  When reading the taking sides articles I had no idea how much the wealthier, more developed countries hurt the poor.  The mass population growth and economic growth produces a negative downward spiral on the poor.  The western countries use smaller, developing countries as a source for waste disposal. The United States ships waste overseas for “recycling,” but this only creates more health and environmental issues in those countries.  These developing countries will never be able to recover and make money if bigger countries continue take advantage of small, poor countries.  These small, poor countries often have people living off one to two dollars per day, so when sickness hits these countries, they cannot afford to receive healthcare.  Social groups and wealthy countries have all the power in these situations, so they need change their ways to help the Earth.  What will we do to contribute to a better environment, country, and world? 

Most people think picking a paper shopping bag vs. a plastic shopping it is better for the environment.  Come to find out, this is not true.  When making the paper bags, the paper has to come to from somewhere, and from somewhere I mean trees.  We have to cut down many trees to make the paper bags we think are better for Earth. Everything goes through a life cycle, so if we could make products that have an endless life cycle, we could help like on Earth so much.  When we send things that could be recycled to landfills vs. back into nature, we are contributing to climate change.  I also thought it was very interesting how the crisper in refrigerators are not designed to actually keeps things crisp. Who would have thought this?  We are a country are wasting 40% of food produced annually, and big kettles are wasting tons of energy.  We as consumers are hurting the environment in ways we did not even know, all because we do not pay attention to all the facts.  Changing the little things we do will make a great impact on out environment.  

When we are designing new products or trying to redesign products, we need to keep biophilia in mind.  We always need to love the life of the living systems that have given us the materials to make products.  Having love for nature when making products will help us create more sustainable items. My favorite TED 10 is designing to minimize waste.  If we continue to create items that better the environment it will grow bigger and bigger. People love to follow trends, so if everyone keeps the trend of minimizing waste, then people will continue to follow.  

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