Unjust Factory Practices & Fast Fashion

Recently, I decided to research about the unjust practices that take place inside of factories across the world. Factory employees are forced to work under conditions that may cause health conditions and or put their lives at risk. I am currently working on researching sources for my paper and trying to figure out new ways to help end this problem.

Just the other day I read that some believe that there is a direct connection between poverty and environmental degradation. The author of this article believes that because people in poverty have lower incomes, that they have to perform unsustainable practices just to survive. Some of these practices include over farming lands that are most times not even meant for farming and destroying forests in their areas just to gain profit off of the timber that the trees produce. Over farming lands is a practice that has taken place in the past and present and will eventually lead to soil erosion. Soil erosion was also the cause of the Dust Bowl catastrophe that took place in Oklahoma and other parts of the Midwest during the 1930’s. That was an awful event and I believe like the author of this article that we must teach people who are living in poverty more sustainable practices so they can perform them themselves and keep the ecosystems that they are living in healthy.

Building on the topic of relying on more sustainable practices, recently in lecture we watched a TED Talk by a woman named Leyla who had a few ideas on how to live sustainably. She believes that we must as humans learn to do more with less. This means we must begin learning to expand the uses of resources without actually creating more of a mess for ourselves and the environments that we live in. She preaches about life cycle thinking, which is knowing that every single thing that we do in our lives has an effect on the environment, whether that be positive or negative. I believe, like Leyla, that we must come up with new creative ideas in order to save our ecosystem.

Lately, the new trend within the apparel merchandising industry is fast fashion. Fast fashion is a practice that involves companies creating new trends so fast that consumers have limited time to even react to the new emerging trends. This means that consumers are constantly shopping ad filling up their closets with new clothes and throwing out the old. The old clothes often times find their way to landfills and that creates a bigger problem. I believe that in order to end fast fashion, we must begin reusing the clothes we already have. One way I do this is up cycling clothes I currently have by adding embellishments or graphics to them. I think if more consumers tried this practice they would find a new life for their old garments and help consume less clothing that they do not need.

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