Blog 3

When exploring my topic of fashion pollution during activity 3 I was very interested. I’m learning how the fashion industry really affects the environment and why it’s such a difficult problem to solve. It has become the second largest polluter in the world, producing 20% of wastewater and more greenhouse gas emissions than international flights and shipping combined. I fall directly into the category of those that are buying 60% more clothes than necessary and keeping them half the time. I’m definitely going to be more cautious about my shopping and encourage my friends to do the same. 

Before reading the article about poverty I never realized that poverty had a connection to sustainability. Poor people use natural resources in unsustainable manners, because it’s their only source of income. It should be our job to educate them about sustainable practices so they don’t run out of resources as fast.

In Leyla’s TED Talk she started with a point that came as a surprise to me, neither plastic or paper bag is better than environment. I’ve always been taught that choosing a paper bag is more sustainable but biodegradability is just a material property, it doesn’t mean it’s better for the environment. This really makes me want to start bringing reusable bags anytime I go shopping so I don’t contribute to our society being wasteful. On average 40% of fresh food is wasted which is the equivalent to $165 billion per year. This number was crazy to me because it shows how much the economy and environment affect each other. Leyla said consumption is the biggest problem, and design is the best solution. This TED Talk really opened my eyes to everything around me and makes me more conscious about my actions. 

Biophilia is the love of life or living systems. This is important to sustainability because you look at the environment in a different way. There are many benefits to using nature as a form of therapy. It’s compared to a phobia because there are connections we subconsciously seek with the rest of life. Biophilic designs incorporate natural lighting and landscape features to build a healthy environment for people. I would love to see more of these designs in future development. 

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