Be More Sustainable

Sustainability is something that is very important and critical to our world. Many people do not know what this word even means or why it matters to anyone. Sustainability is something that I have become very fascinated with since starting college. I think that coming up with creative and innovative ways to solve significant problems is very satisfying and helpful. Sustainability to me, is reusing resources to create something new, therefore making it environmentally friendly. I have grown to really understand the true meaning of sustainability through specific classes that really emphasize this and also through my trip to Costa Rica. Seeing sustainability being used in real everyday life really is what opened my eyes. Wicked problems are tied into sustainability. Wicked problems are issues that have a circle effect of not being fixed. The problems just keep coming up in different forms without ever getting solved. These problems are irreversible and very urgent, therefore causing many more problems to pop up. There are six main characteristics to wicked problems, which I included some of them into my version of the definition. Tame problems are different in the sense that they can be solved with the right knowledge and application. There are still problems we are facing that can be solved, but time is running out. 

Thrift is a good term that can relate to sustainability. Andrew Dent really hits on this topic. He says that when we thrift, we are using something used, so we do not have to buy something new. He mentioned a very important statement about considering when the resources can be used again in a product. Many companies and people do not think about what is in the products they use or sell, the only thing that matters is money. Being more knowledgeable about waste can impact your life, because you know where exactly your trash is going and what all is in your product you are buying. Greta Thunberg is very inspiring to me. At such a young age, she is so passionate about our world. I think the fact that she is only fifteen and has the courage to make a speech in front of everyone regarding global warming and climate just means that there are still people in this world that care. 

            The story of Easter Island was very interesting. This story talks about the people who once lived on this island and used up all their available resources very quickly and then had nothing left. They were not thinking to be completely sustainable or into the future. This story reminds me of our world today. Our world has become terribly taken care of. People do not realize how little they could do to help our environment. Our world is headed in the same direction as the people living on Easter Island ended up. Communicating with nature is very important to a relationship with the environment. This ties into biomimicry, which most people I feel like have never even heard of. My carbon footprint number was 48 tons per year. That is absolutely crazy to me, because I never really thought about how bad my actions are for the environment. I plan to really change my lifestyle in order to decrease my number. 

Paradigm is pretty much how you perceive something and your own meaning. Everyone has different paradigms regarding sustainability, but this is a very important subject matter that everyone needs to get on the same page about. 

Asking yourself “what if?” really makes you think more deeply about a problem. I think about what if we didn’t have plastic grocery bags? What would you do to carry out your groceries? Would you bring a reusable bag or just carry them all out by hand? What if we didn’t have paper towels in the bathrooms or paper worksheets at school? There are a lot of questions you can ask that really make you think about how spoiled we all are. We all get used to the same way of living and do not want to change it. If no one changes, then we will all end up being screwed in the way that our lives with drastically change and we will not have a choice to change at that point. I believe that small changes in the beginning will really benefit our world, because any change is a change. One wicked problem that really stands out to me is using animals for clothing and textile production, because I feel like this is just wasting resources and causing avoidable problems. I also think that textile waste is a big problem in my career field specifically. This is straight pollution and making our environment even worse when we could easily solve it. I plan to write my final paper regarding one of these topics. I am really interested in further researching these topics and trying to find solutions that will help improve our environment. 

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