Blog #1

Breanna Kanwisher

I used to think sustainability was trying to keep something from dying out.  For example apples, if all the apples were eaten and there were no more seeds to produce apples then people no longer could have apples. That definition evolved a little bit, it is more like using what people need but also ensuring that in the future they will also be able to use what they need.  A wicked problem is a problem that is really hard or impossible to solve. A wicked problem does not have a traditional means of solving. This means that not everyone can agree on how it should be solved. A tamed problem is the opposite. It commonly is easier to solve and people are more likely to agree on which way it should be solved.  

Andrew Dent was the speaker of the TED talk.  In the TED talk he talks about the second life of products and how someone might think that something is trash a kid for insistence might see that cardboard box and you think its trash but to the kid it’s a robot head.   Andrew Dent also talks about replacing items with a new item utility means you’re throwing away the older items and that thing not is going to a landfill. Landfill is not going away. He talks about thrifting and how you can take that item that you want to throw away because the new one came out and use that to make something else or fuel something else.  I think that this is a really good idea. Use the cardboard box that something came in and use to for something new. Thrifting could be very useful and help decrease the landfills that are growing faster and faster.

There are six characteristics that make wicked problems difficult to solve and that is because they have vague problem definitions, meaning that the problem is not very defined.  Another is there are variable solutions to solving the problem meaning that there are many different ways that it could be solved making it hard to pick the best. The solutions also have no end point meaning that this change will last and is hard to change back.  The soulsations also pose irreversible effects meaning that once a solution is taken in it is hard to change the effects that it had on the world. Each solution requires a unique approach because if it is not done right and thought through carefully it could potentially make things worse.   These solutions are also very urgent. If not acted on fast it could be too late to make a change and fix it.

Native Americans perspective on sustainability was to keep things as long as possible so that they get their full use. Easter Island reading was a little representation of what is going to happen to the world in the future.  If people do not start to think about the earth and how it is being effect they will not understand until it is too late and everything will be gone. The current situation we are in is that we are using everything up so soon enough there will nothing left for anyone and things will start to die off.  My carbon footprint was a 12 which meant that I wasn’t the worst but I also wasn’t the best. I still am contributing to the fall of the earth.

A wicked problem that I might explore is world hunger.  I have some creative ideas that could maybe help decrease the amount of hunger in the world.  I just find this issue very interesting because in the UNited States we have so much excesses food I just do not understand why we couldn’t share what we have with other places that do not have.  

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