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            Before I learned what sustainability was my definition of it was the use of natural resources.  After I began this class and have already gained so much useful knowledge my definition of sustainability is doing good for our environment.  What our ways we can help our environment?  A wicked problem is a problem that can be difficult to solve.  There is no final solution, but a solution that is either better or worse than the original problem. 

            There are a variety of characteristics in wicked problems.  The first characteristic is vague problem definitions.  This problem is hard to identify because everyone is so diverse that they can not all agree on one problem.  This is because everyone is from different backgrounds.  The second characteristic is variable solutions.  This problem somewhat relates to the first problem previously discussed.  This problem is having multiple solutions to a problem because everyone is so diverse, so more than one result will help please others.  The third characteristic is solutions have no end point because in wicked problems there is never a specific end point.  You just kind of go with the flow.  The fourth characteristic is solutions pose irreversible effects.  This means that there is never a recorded end result that is always the same.  So therefore, whatever end result you end up with may be permanent.  The fifth characteristic is solutions require unique approaches because one answer is never constant.  This is because there are so many people with different opinions on life and if you just had one answer instead of various answers chaos would occur.  The sixth characteristic is urgent.  In action is not taken immediately to problems a negative outcome could result which will have an effect on everyone.

            Easter island took place long ago near the Pacific Ocean.  This relates to the current situation we are in because we just keep using resources without even thinking about what we are using and how often we are using them.  For example, we keep building new buildings and tearing down old.  Instead of using stuff from the previous building we just use all new products.  If we keep doing this we may eventually run out of certain materials.  One thing we can do to change this is reuse products we have previously used.

            What is carbon footprint? Carbon footprint is the amount of gases emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels.  In my opinion, this is bad on our environment.  This gas has serious effects on the environment.  We should change the way we do things in order to make our environment better, not worse.  One way we could help with this is use community transportation instead of every single person using their own way of transportation.

            The wicked problem I am choosing to explore is the waste of fabrics.  This problem is important to me because my major is Fashion Merchandising.  I want to try to have some effect on what people do with their clothes whenever they decide they don’t like them anymore.  I think some ways we could solve this problem are have people recycle their clothes, then when they’re recycled that same fabric could be made into a new type of apparel fitting more into the new trend.  Another idea I have with this problem is instead of just putting clothes that you don’t want anymore in the trash and harming the environment; you could give them to those who do not have a vast amount of clothing. a

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