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When thinking about the word sustainability, I previously thought of maintaining a balanced environment and renewable through change. Although sustainability is this sentence, I have learned that the word sustainability has a much deeper meaning. Sustainability could be characterized by the word “responsibility”. We hold all responsibility for change in the world, good or bad, it is up to us. Sustainability is meeting the needs of present day in a respectful way and in a timely matter. Coming in to this class, I can say I was not sure what a wicked problem was. Now that I can say I understand that a wicked problem is something that does not have an exact solution, it has opened my eyes to how many things actually are wicked problems. On the other hand, a Tame Poblem is something that can be solved easily with a solution.

During the Ted Talks, Andrew Dent, talks about how thrifting is a great way to eliminate waste because “you use what you need, and you don’t necessarily spend any money” The thrifting method basically is reusing products as many times as possible, therefore we are not producing as much waste. When we throw something away, we aren’t actually throwing that item away. It is getting taken to a landfill where it then never goes away. He talks about how his grandmother used to reuse old seed packets to paper the bathroom walls.

The 6 characteristics of Wicked Problems are not easily defined because their definition is very complex. There are many different ways in solving a solution, so picking the best solution is often difficult. Once a solution is started it is often difficult to reverse or change back. These solutions are each very unique and if not approached in a timely matter it can become much bigger and therefore hard to begin a process of change.

The Native Americans had a relatively good approach on maintaining sustainability. They wanted to keep what they had and use it for as long as possible and to their best abilities. While on the other hand, Easter Island struggled with this approach greatly. They did not use the resources that they were given to live wisely, so they soon ran out and began suffering from late of resources. This is similar to our present day right because our world is not as concerned as we should be with sustaining the resources we have and using them wisely. My score for the Carbon Footprint was a 20. I was 75% better than average. This is not a perfect score and definitely could be improved but is also not the worst score.

A topic I am thinking about exploring is the issue on textile and furniture waste. Textile waste is in the top 5% of waste in landfills. This topic is crazy to me and something definitely needs to be done to reduce this number.

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