Blog 2

The 11thhour documentary was very interesting and eye opening. I learned a lot of new information regarding the harm we have caused to our planet and the different effects we will soon have if we do not stop how we are living. Many things were mentioned regarding oil, which I didn’t realize was such a major problem starter. It is extruded so fast, therefore people think that everything can be extruded just as fast, which then leads to people using too many resources too fast. We are relying all on a nonrenewable energy rich carbons called fossil fuels in order to produce everything we think we need in our lives. The burning of oils and uses of it has caused so  much harm the world that wasn’t a problem before such as, asthma and acid rain. We have started living in a death cycle, because we are relying all on fossil fuels instead of natural resources. The massive amounts of carbon dioxide that we are putting into our air and water is causing our atmosphere to become chemically unbalanced, thus contributing to the climate change. Many of the problems we are facing now have resulted from the advancement in technology and population growth since the end of the Industrial Revolution. Many of these problems such as climate change and ecosystem loss are very urgent problems and if we do not do something now, catastrophic events will occur. Many of the problems our planet is facing are due to our addictive actions, which are irreversible. Many  trees  are being cut down in order to simply provide packaging for our online shopping and many of those trees will not grow back, therefore many of our natural resources are disappearing too fast. The problem of population growth really has no endpoint, because our world will just keep growing, but what matters is how we plan out the use of our natural resources regarding the amount of people using them.

  Being more connected and in tune with nature would help people to become more sustainable in their everyday lives. I also think that mindfulness meditation helps to really open up your mind to possibilities and see something in a different way. We really need to rethink the way we think and become more knowledgeable regarding the problems our planet is facing. Mindfulness meditation can help you to be more aware and be able to identify possible problems and their solutions. Being more mindful can help someone to become more sustainable and change their lifestyles. I think that everyone should take just  a minute out of their day in order to meditate and just clear their minds and only focus on their body, breathing and mind. Marc Cohen talked about the meaning of namaste. I think that word reminds me of meditation, because it is a very calming and inviting word. Marc also talked about it is easier to be well if everyone around you is well. I think this is very true, because your friends, family, and other people effect your decisions. If you can change yourself and the way you think then you can change the world. 

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