Blog 2

When I reflect back on each day before I go to sleep, I hardly ever can recall a big effort that I made to be more sustainable. This is something that I really would like to work on especially as I learn more through this class. In this week’s reading, I gained insight on how mindfulness is truly the key to becoming more attentive and aware of sustainability. Being mindful means that we as humans have to zone in on things that we do and the reasoning behind those actions. A practice that can help us discover our mindfulness is meditation. Through this, we are able to take a step back from the chaos in our day-to-day lives and reflect on everything in a calm state. A huge gain from meditation is being able to figure ourselves out, whether that be our motives or our thoughts or even our feelings. If we are able to take a step back and learn about ourselves and become more aware of things in our life, then doing the same for the environment would increase sustainability. If we focus on how to better the environment, then that will lead to a brighter future. Getting class time to meditate was wonderful and very beneficial. I was able to run through things that were heavy on my mind and let them go. I was able to acknowledge things that were being neglected in my brain and move forward. Along the same lines, in Marc Cohen’s TED talk, he discusses how important it is to realize the differences between illness and wellness. If we are consumed with illness, it’s because we are focusing on ourselves. If we are consumed with wellness, we are focusing on others or their concerns. The world around us had become ill because humans have not been focusing on others or thee environment, we’ve only been paying attention to ourselves. The world could be insanely prosperous and successful if we took a step back and became mindful of what we could do to better the earth, rather than only ever focusing on our own problems. The movie, 11th Hour, targets the outcome of the way we treat the earth. In this movie, I gained that we as humans have a set thought process that the earth will never run out of resources; therefore, we don’t need to be mindful of sustainability. Wonderfully enough, there is something that can move us away from this mindset and towards a better future, and that is renewable resources. Activity 2 relates to this movie and how the problems it addresses are wicked problems. The problems that the movie brings up are issues that can’t be fixed without causing more issues. All of this to say, if we can start with one simple thing right now that would increase sustainability and point towards a promising future, mindfulness is the way to go.

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