Blog #2

In the second week of Wicked Problems, I really enjoyed the reading about Mindfulness and Sustainability. The reading did a great job of explaining of being mindful and self aware allows you to see things in your life that you might be doing that are not very sustainable and environmentally responsible. One of the best ways to be more mindful is to practice meditation and self reflection time in your day to day life. I personally have never considered meditation before and had never done it. I can see and now understand how it could be beneficial in seeing what things we practice that are not safe for our environment. For example, upon my own self reflection, I realized I am really bad about using Styrofoam cups and plates to avoid washing dishes. However, Styrofoam is not easily reusable and can release harmful toxins and chemicals into your food and drink. I have recently made an effort to not use this material and use reusable cups and dishes

It is important to be mindful because it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle of everyday life that we miss some of the small habits and things that we do. The more mindful we are, the more we can reflect on ourselves without judgement from others and make adjustments as needed, which is what I did with styrofoam.

Marc Cohen’s talk was very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so passionate and in touch about meditation and mindfulness. Some of the things he said were slightly extreme in my opinion, as I don’t think one can really have so many benefits from just doing self reflection and meditation. I do think we sometimes have to look towards others for help and clarity in things. Sometimes doing too much on our own can be a lot of pressure and can weigh too heavy on just one person. I did, however, enjoy listening to his perspective and being able to see/better understand how some people get in touch with their inner being.

11th hour was a very deep movie and made me realize how poorly we really do treat our planet. The term “11th hour” actually comes from the bible and is referred to or defined as “the last moment.” This is fitting with this film because the entire movie is based on the premise that we have used so many of our resources on earth, we very well will soon be at our last moment where change can still happen. This film went in depth to many of the current environmental issues we have and how little time we have to really change them. Some of my favorite suggested solutions in the film were building “green buildings”, which run off of solar panels and consume their own waste. I also agreed it would be nice if every home could have solar panels and run off of that energy.

Activity 2 was very helpful in figuring out what issues really could be irreversible and which ones are mostly past the point of return. I think a lot of the time, people group all of the issues we have under climate change when there really are multiples separate issues that can’t all be fixed the same way. All of the issues on Activity 2 were listed in the movie, and upon further reflection of them I realized how different they all are. I think everyone on our planet must be aware and educated on these issues in order for there to be an actual change in anything. If only half the people on earth were aware of these issues, half of the population would still be causing them. This activity clearly defined each separate issue and made them easier to understand and differentiate.

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