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Prior to reading the article I did not realize that 60% of ecosystems were degraded or being used unsustainably. I also did not realize that in research on mindfulness, most of the focus has been on how it can be helpful for health and well- being; Less research has focused on the relationship between mindfulness and sustainability, which is important to understand in regards to the previous fact stated about the ecosystem. 

Meditating in class make us more mindful and empathic of the wicked problems we talk about in our class. Being mindful means being aware of yourself and everything around you. Well-being, empathy, and awareness of values lead to more sustainable behaviors. It is important to be mindful, because it makes you more empathetic to the world around you. Mindfulness also makes you aware of your actions, which leads to a more sustainable life. It is important to be mindful, because a quote from the reading this week states, “consumer behavior is automatic and influenced more by unconscious choice than by mindful deliberation.”

The main solution to many of the wicked problems brought up in the 11thHour video and activity 2 begins with mindfulness. It is possible that many of the stated problems could have been prevented if humans were more mindful and empathetic of the world. It is brought up many times in the 11thHour video that humans believe we are the dominate species, which proves that we definitely need to become more mindful to help the planet. Likewise, Marc Cohen talks about how everything you do reflects on the world, so you really can change the world. 

Marc Cohen’s TED Talk basically sums up the reading, 11thHour video, and activity 2. He first talks about happiness and its causes. He said measuring wellness is made up of many different factors, such as the ecosystem and if one of those factors are in crisis then you are also in crisis. Which brings up the topic of illness and wellness. He said, “when you are ill it is about “I”, when you are well it is about “we”.” The thing he said that stuck out to me the most was, “every time you spend money you are voting for the world you want to live in.” What also stuck out to me is, like the 11thHour video, he talked about how humans believe the resources we have are abundant, which is false. 

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