Blog #2

Why should we be mindful and sustainable?  This is something we should often think about day to day.  But unfortunately, so many people just disregard it.  Being mindful and sustainable can help not only us, but also our environment.  When we take care of our environment it helps the environment while benefiting us as well.  If we are mindful then we understand our surroundings in specific ways.  For example, who just goes to class everyday and thinks about everything they see step by step.  Such as where things come from or how they developed into what they are.  Being mindful can inform you about the becoming of things and if you know how things are processed or what specific things are made from then maybe it will make you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  One big thing is you go to class for your first week of school.  You notice that in every single class you get a syllabus for your whole semester.  When you are in college these things are just one piece of paper.  Being mindful is thinking about how many pieces of paper that professor just wasted and how we could be living a much more sustainable lifestyle if they would’ve just saved the syllabus for everyone to read on their online classroom.  Mindfulness and sustainability are important ways that we can better the environment we are living in.

            Mindful is an important aspect of our everyday lives.  Being mindful about our day to day life can help us in a matter of ways.  Say we are very stressed about all the upcoming homework, tests, and activities outside of school.  Being mindful of these things can make us feel so relieved.  When we just stop and take a break from our day to day lives our attitudes and stresses can subside and slightly decrease.  Meditation is one way that gives us the ability to take a short break from everyone and everything going on around us.  Its like a stress reliever.  If we weren’t mindful, we wouldn’t have those exits to get us away from the stressful and hard times in our lives.

            The Ted talk we listened to in class discussed mindfulness and sustainability and the effects that come with it.  Mark Cohen talked about how the way your environment is can affect you.  He is honestly so right.  We are happy when the things around us are nice and pretty.  Wellness is harmony between internal and external wells.  If you have a boss that comes to work with a negative attitude every day and isn’t mindful on the people around them then it is going to have a negative effect on the people around you.  Being mindful and have a positive attitude and caring about the ones around you is the stem of happiness.

            The 11th hour really opened my eyes more on the environmental aspect of our world.  This documentary’s focal points are based on how we live, how we impact the earths ecosystem, and what we can do to change our course.   This documentary really showed me how sustainable people can be and how unsustainable people aren’t.  When you go outside and look around you can tell that there is a number of people who do not live a sustainable life.  They do not care about their environment and the things done to it.  They have trash that needs to be thrown away or recycled.  They don’t care where it ends up as long as it’s not in their little bubble.  Just like our everyday life, this documentary really shows how bad we are to our environment.  Are we impacting our earths ecosystem in a positive or negative way?  Well, unfortunately everyone is different.  But, for those that do care about their environment and the things around them it is having a positive effect and hopefully impacting others to change their unsustainable way of life. 

            What is a wicked problem?  A wicked problem is one that does not have a set endpoint.  For example, no matter how many people try to solve the problem the outcome could be different in a variety of ways.  The result, the amount of time it took to get the result, or even just the process you are taking to try to get to the result are some solutions that could drastically vary.  Some topics that stood out to me as being wicked are deforestation and population growth.  These problems could have such a simple end use, but you always have those unsustainable people that just mess it up.  One idea I have for stopping deforestation is instead of tearing down trees to build new buildings, why don’t we tear down the buildings that are not being used anymore.  This simple solution will not only help our local areas look better, but also help us live a sustainable lifestyle.  Another problem that could have such a simple end use is population growth.  So many people just move just because they don’t like this or that.  Well, a solution to this problem would be one to grow up and get over it because life isn’t perfect or just move people to smaller areas so that way the overpopulated areas stop their crowding. 00000000000000

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