Blog #2: How Mindfulness Results in Sustainability

Sustainability is a hard practice to follow, especially in this day and age where many of us have not grown up leading a sustainable lifestyle. In our reading this week, on mindfulness and sustainability, I learned that by practicing mindfulness, we can lead more sustainable lives.  Mindfulness helps us truly think through our actions and why we do it. A practice that teaches us to be mindful is meditation. Meditation helps us to take a break from this crazy world and focus on our inner being. Through meditation we learn about our true-self and our true motivations. Once we learn the reason behind our motives we are able to fix our harmful motives. This relates to sustainability because through the practice of mindfulness we are able to focus on our inner emotions and create empathy for the environment. In class we were able to put meditation to use and this it is something I want to incorporate in my daily routine. When I meditated all my worries slipped away and I was at peace. I think through practice I will be able to focus on one thing during meditation. In Marc Cohen’s TED Talk he explains the importance and difference of wellness and illness. Cohen says the “only difference between wellness and illness is we and i.” When we are ill, our only concerns are ourselves, and wellness is when we are concerned about other people’s concerns. Our environment has become ill due to the fact we are only concerned with ourselves. We need to change our mindset to wellness to help our environment; if we change our perspective we will become concerned with other people’s wellbeing which leads to a more sustainable life. A movie that goes into depth about how we are affecting our environment is 11th Hour. This movie taught me about how most of us think about our resources here on earth as unlimited, and this is what has gotten us into trouble. We use many non-renewable resources and because of that we are killing our atmosphere and our ecosystems. In order for us to lengthen our life expectancy we need to turn to renewable resources, like solar and wind power, to fuel our daily necessities. After watching the 11th hour, I completed activity two where I took the problems discussed in the movie and explained how they were wicked problems. Many of the problems in the movie were wicked problems because they were irreversible, urgent, and did not have a specific solution. Overall this week I have learned that one of the first steps to leading a more sustainable life is by being mindful because you truly take your actions into consideration.

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