Blog 2

From being in wicked problems for about two weeks now I have learned very much about how to live a more sustainable life. I can be more sustainable in life by juts making small changes within my everyday life. For five days now I have given up the use of plastic bottles and have used my reusable Hydro Flask. Not only does this keep my water cooler, it reduced the use of plastic. Therefore, minimizing my carbon footprint. By making this change, I have realized how easy it is to live a more sustainable life, you just have to think about it. Being mindful is heavily important aspect to have when trying to be sustainable. Simply because, to be sustainable also calls for one to be mindful in with themselves and the outside world. Being mindful, can help one to relate and interact with the world around them. Observing all nature has to bring such as insects, plants and animals helps one relate to their way of life. While, also taking advise from them on how to live life sustainably. 

            During class this week we practiced different ways on how to slow down and meditate. We could take deep breathes through our nose, then let them out slowly through our mouths. By doing this has allowed me to ease most of the stress I had, while also focusing my mind on class and nothing else. I take deep breathes to calm down quite frequently. However, I have never thought of taking deep breaths as meditation. When I was taught it was a form of meditation I understood that I and everyone else meditates more than they might think. Meditation encouraged me to also be mindful what is going on around me. If everyone took some time to meditate every day, whether that be right as one wakes up, mid-day, or before going to bed, I know that people would be less hostile lifestyle.

            From the reading of Easter Islands, it is easy to see how similar todays ways are sustainability are compared to those of Easter island. What is scary about this is how Easter Island population came to a complete dissolve. It is crazy to know that We have solid evidence on the consequences of not being sustainable, however still engage in non-sustainable practices every day. This issue should get resolved before it turns into a stressor, because then It might be too late. Marc Cohen, explained that in his vortex model on stress, that once an issue becomes a stressor, we will not get to fix it, but instead cope with it. From this, wellness is described as experiencing the greatest fulfillment and longevity. Based on the topics discussed this week. I believe that this directly ties into the practice of being mindful. In the sense that by understanding the problem, people that think mindfully will think of ways to fix it. In contrast, people that don’t think mindfully will just “wait out” the problem in hopes it will disappear.

            While watching the 11thhour documentary, it was very insightful. in parts of the documentary, it was hard to watch. However, images and videos that are featured in this documentary need to be there so people can understand the negative impacts they’re putting on nature. I have never seen a documentary that stressed the urge for change more than this one did. It truly made me feel like i had no other choice than to live a cleaner government, and vote on political figures that understand the need for change. Our world relies to heavily on greed and has a weird obsession with “being the best” at everything. This meaning being the wealthiest country, being the most powerful country, etc. If we are going to have this mindset, we should strive to be the most sustainable country.

            Activity 2 went hand and hand with the 11thhour documentary, it questioned me to decide which problems are truly wicked. I enjoyed this activity because it really encouraged me to think back to the film and right down what I believe describes the wicked problem and hand.

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