Blog 2

Being mindful is an important tool that can really help people work towards being more sustainable. When you are being mindful, you are more honed in on the moment and what you should and should not be doing. Being mindful allows someone to have more empathy. Empathy can help someone feel more compassionate toward the environment and therefore drive them to find more sustainable ways to go about their lives. Mindfulness is easy to reach and can be reached using mindfulness meditation. People who do this become more mindful and therefore more sustainable. During class, we got the opportunity to practice this and see how this worked. A friend of mine and I sat on the benches outside of Human Sciences. Shortly after we did this, we realized we wanted to sit in actual nature instead of on a man-made object. We found the perfect place to sit and began to try and meditate. It was pretty easy for the both of us. We turned music on and sat there for about 15 minuets. We didn’t realize how much time went by because we were at such peace with ourselves and nature that the 15 minutes flew. It was at this moment that we realized how important meditation can be for our health as well as nature. Since then I have meditated 3 more times and I’m loving it! Before our wonderful meditation experience, we watched a Ted Talk featuring Marc Cohen. Marc is a medical doctor and a professor. He also studies all sorts of medicine including Chinese medicine. Marc talks about the importance of wellness and what it can do for a specific person and the environment. He says that the word Ill stands for I and the word well stands for we because when we are well we can work together and make huge differences in the world and when we are ill we are not well enough to focus on much us rather than ourselves. He gave very helpful tips including the importance of asking questions like, what’s in it, who made it, where is it from, how did it get here, who benefits from the sale, what use it is, is it worth it, and many more before consuming anything at all. On Tuesday, I watched the documentary the 11th hour with Leonardo DiCaprio and many more staring in it. The documentary focused on the destruction of nature by humanity. What I thought was most interesting in the documentary was when it mentioned that nature was resilient but that people were not, so when we see it as the destruction of the Earth it is actually the destruction of our own species. The documentary was saying that people are working toward the possibility of making our own kind go extinct because of our thoughtless actions that we make daily. This was crazy to me because I have never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense. People are doing so much damage to their own kind out of ignorance and unwillingness to adapt to new and more sustainable ways of living. Activity 2 was basically an extension of the 11th hour notes and was based on wicked problems and the factors that make them wicked. This activity made me take a deep look at each problem and truly see the problem as a whole

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