Blog. #2 Breanna Kanwisher

Mindfulness is like being aware of what  is happening around you. For example knowing about drought issues in certain places and trying to conserve water.  Being mindful can also mean metaition. It is sorta like a mental training technique that a person can do to take breath throughout the day and relax. Sustainability is acting throughout your life and making decisions on an everyday basis that will one day get  us to where we have always dreamed of being. As humans we make decisions that can either be helpful or non beneficial to our end goal of whatever that may be.

From the reading I thought that the major point in it was to help the reader understand that it is important to be mindful and sustainable at the same time.  Mindfulness can be very helpful in achieving goals because it can train your body to take the breath that it needs to relax and get where it needs to be. From taking that breath this can help a person become more sustainable and get to their goal.  

The meditation in class really helped me, I really enjoyed it.  It made me realize how important it could be to sit outside and look at the nature around us and just take a breathe. Relax for that moment helped clear my head.  This could be very helpful in a stressful situation for example a test or an interview. Mediating right before these stressful thing could help clear my head and help me focus on doing well.  It is important to be mindful because it helps a person become aware of their surroundings and also help them focus. Marc Cohen was in the TED talk and he talked about being mindful and how that can help a person try to be as sustainable as possible.  

The 11th hour movie was really cool and interesting.  I learned a lot about things I had no idea happened to the Earth.  For example, the toxins that are being dumped in the oceans and are poisoning fish that we eat and other fish eat so it is harming us and other fish.  I would think that people would try to find somewhere else to dump things and not in the ocean that carries so much live and food for everyone. I also thought it was interesting how it  talked about how the earth can only support a much smaller number then what is currently living on Earth and at some point natural resources will run out so people need to think of another resource to get energy from.  Activity two was based off this movie. I thought that activity two was a good way to sum up what went on during the movie. The key things that the movie had in it. For example climate change and population growth.

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