Blog Post #2

While reading the article, Mindfulness and Sustainability, the take-aways I got were that mindfulness promotes healthy wellbeing, empathy, and clear values. When people put effort into their wellbeing, empathy, and are values based they will be more willing to live a sustainable life.

Marc Cohen Ted Talk is about the meaning of mindfulness by creating a picture through illness and wellness. When someone is ill they are continuously thinking about themselves and what the world can do for them. On the other hand, wellness is more about the word “we”. Wellness is finding balance in your life and focusing more on others rather than ourselves. Cohen describes illness as a descending spiral or a “vortex of terror” and says that wellness reflects as a “ascending spiral of bliss”. The reason for people falling into illness is because people have gotten stuck in the mentality that the “the universe is there; I am here”. Meaning we are separating ourselves from the universe. He explains that the separation between us and the universe is relative because it is leading to more entropy and disorder.

We also watched a documentary called “The 11th Hour”. This documentary really got to me and helped me understand the problems the world is having and how little we doing to help fix it. This video targets the outcome of the way we treat earth. As humans we have started to have the mentality that the earth will never run out of resources no matter how much we waste. This has sadly led us to the furthest thing from a sustainable lifestyle. Luckily, renewable resources can help with this problem if we begin to allow change for the better into our lives.

Activity 2 is very similar to The 11th Hour Documentary. This activity relates to how these problems become wicked problems. We also show whether these problems can be reversed without bringing more problems. Most of the problems discussed in the video are not able to be reversed. All of these problems are able to be helped by having a better mindset of sustainability and all in all just being MINDFUL!!

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