Blog #2

I thought the reading about mindfulness and sustainability was really interesting. I didn’t realize that meditation and being at peace would actually help with being better at sustainability. It was saying that meditating helps to keep you grounded and mindful of the things around you which then helps make you not want things so much and there for you don’t waste things so much.

I think I would probably try to mediate on my own instead of in class. In class I cannot get comfortable enough to really let loose and relax. I have tried to mediate before and for a little bit I was getting ok at it but I eventually forgot about it. The process was focusing on my breathing and thinking just about that and not anything else. So I would not be opposed to trying different things to help my self and the environment. I think it is important to be mindful about the environment because if your mindlessly wasting things that could be used again or recycled, I think it could lead us even farther down the wrong road if too many people continue to stay in the mindset of not caring what happens to what they throw away.

The 11th hour documentary was interesting to watch. I learned some things that I didn’t even know about that make me wonder why people still don’t believe that there is a problem. For example I heard on it that was borrow about $800,000,000,000 from the world a year to fund the United States’ over consumption. That to me is insane. How is this still happening and why would it still be happening.

When I did the activity 2 i had to thing whether these problems are actually wicked. I had to think more about what the definition of WICKED even means to finish this activity. But I think that the documentary was really interesting. I wish everyone could understand what’s going on in the world.

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