Blog 3

This class was really icing on the cake to my sustainability journey. I have enjoyed every second of being in this class and all the assignments we have done. I have learned so much more about environmental problems we as humans has caused. I have learned something new with each reading, and activity we have done for this class. The poverty reading was very interesting to me, because I did not really think that deep into factors that cause environmental degradation. After reading the article, I understand more about how poverty is a can agent and does not help the environmental issues our planet is facing. I believe that this problem can be fixed.  Activity 3 helped me to really learn more about my wicked problem I plan to do my Investigative Report over. I enjoyed researching more deeper into the problem of textile waste and just how big of a problem it is. I believe that fast fashion is a problem that many people are not aware of and I plan to make people more aware of. With my major, this is a big factor in the clothing industry and I would like to make it better and more sustainable. Being more knowledgeable about the topic is the first step and then coming up with innovative solutions to help solve this problem is another step. 

            Leyla had some very interesting points about our mobile phones. She said that we on average replace our phones every 15-18 months. If we would understand the strategies that these companies are doing, then we change the sustainability agenda. She also said that Consumption is one of the biggest problems, but design is one of the best solutions. This is very true, because we as humans always want the newer and best thing out there and do not think about the sustainability issues this causes.

            Biophilia to me is being with other forms of life. Animals and insects do this all the time and we as humans need to practice biophilia more to really understand nature and all its inhabitants. This would really help solve a lot of the problems our plant is facing, because you would know what you are destroying and stop it. Using nature and natural resources in good and helpful ways would help out our planet. 

            Our trip to the sustainability office, recycling center, and upholstery shop really opened my eyes to see just how much our campus loves our planet and is trying to keep it beautiful. Seeing this really impacted me and helped me realize how much things that I throw away can effect our planet. Seeing how they still reuse couches and chairs from very long ago really was amazing, because they do not just throw them away because they are broke. Hearing how 400 hundred people work in these offices is just amazing to know, because all of these people care about keeping our campus sustainable and our planet beautiful. I would encourage many students to go by and see all the work they do for our planet, because it is amazing. 

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