Blog 3

In the ted talk we watched in class on Tuesday, a lady named Layla talks about which is better, paper or plastic? She says that people normally go with paper because its brown and they imagine a plastic bag affecting sea life. But she says that paper bags also take from the environment too because we have to take away and use trees. She said that unless the paper bag is allowed to decompose in nature instead of a landfill then we are not being as helpful to the environment as we thought. She said that if we really want to make better choices that improve sustainability then we need to make choices that end with net environmental gains. Layla gives us mind blowing numbers throughout the ted talk, one being the percent of food wasted in America. She says that 40% of food bought for the American household is wasted which is $165 billion every single year.  Along with the ted talk, we also had a reading on Tuesday. This reading was on Poverty and environmental degradation and it says that the two have no direct link and it is not proven that poverty leads to it. Biophilia is the love for nature and the desire to get involved with it. It is the opposite of a phobia. Instead of being terrified and wanted as far from it as possible, you want to be as involved with it as you can. Last Thursday the entire class went on a tour of the sustainability office as well as the upholstery shop and the actual center that OSU uses to recycle. This trip was amazing but what I was most impressed with was how OSU has almost no furniture waste thanks to the upholstery shop! We learned that some pieces of furniture on campus actually date as far back as the 1800’s! I loved learning this because Furniture waste is the issue I have chosen to focus on during the duration of this class. For Activity 3 I dove deep into how each characteristic of my wicked problem applies to it and it allowed me to get a better understanding of the problem itself. It forced me to take a deep look at furniture waste and understand every aspect of it.

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