Blog 3

Throughout this class I have learned and become interested in exploring textile waste and fashion fashion, which has also helped me with my investigation report. As much as 85% of all textile waste goes directly into landfills contrasting the left over 15% is donated or recycled. In retrospect, this problem needs solving because the high percentage of 85% is roughly 21 billion pounds. There has not been a decline in textile waste but a drastic growing rate of 40%. The issue is more people need to learn to change our current conditions on earth.

After reading the poverty reading in class, the reading explains that most landfills are in places where there are high amounts of poverty amongst the people living there. People that are living in poverty do not worry so much about living sustainable, in contrast, they focus on how to provide for themselves and their families. The practices that they may use are not benefiting the environment. The chemicals that emit from waste in landfills causes medical issues to these people leading to a shorter life span and birth defects. There are so many things we could build or create in order to help our environment, and there are so many unemployed, poor people who would be more than willing to take jobs at these places. 

The Ted Talk was very interesting for me learning about the nature papers and plastic. It stated paper takes up to 40 years to bio degrade. She also said the Consumption is one of the biggest problems, but design is one of the best solutions.

The Concept of biophilia and interact can closely associated with other forms of life in the environment. The mindset of biophilia associates with sustainability and performance. It also allows us to be close with our worldly functions. Leading us, as humans, to respect the other forms around us.  This would really help solve a lot of the problems our plant is facing, because you would know what you are destroying and stop it. Using nature and natural resources in good and helpful ways would help out our planet. 

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