Blog #3

Breanna Kanwisher

I am researching the problem of textile waste, meaning when someone wants to throw out a shirt and they throw it in the garbage and it ends up in a landfill, then sits in a landfill for a very long time because it  take a long time for clothing to break down. I am finding out how long is takes certain fabrics to biodegrade once put into the landfill.

The probery reading I thought was very interesting because it focused on how the poor are given these jobs that are hurting the environment and people are trying to point fingers and say that them working these jobs makes it their fault.  I do not agree, the people that are taking these jobs are just trying to make some money and will most likely do whatever it takes to make the money. If any fingers should be pointed it should be at the people that are supplying them with these jobs.  In order to stop hurting the environment people need to stop giving these jobs out to people.

Leyla talked about in the TED talk about making smart decision, thinking about everything that people use on a daily basis and not trying to cut down on them but instead making smarter choices about what is used.  She gave an example about the grocery store about paper versus plastic. Most people go with paper because it brown and they think that it is somehow better for the environment, it is biodegradable, and can be recycled.  She said that people need to make decisions like this everyday and just make decision that are more environmentally healthy.

Sustainability is  really important in order for later generations to live on the Earth.  In the future if humans today do not figure out a new source of energy then the later generations might not be able to have everything they need.  The Earth could also get too hot because of the greenhouse effect and all of the gasses in the atmosphere that are slowly heating the earth.

The OSU sustainability office taught me a lot.  I had no idea a lot of these things went on here at OSU.  The thing I found most interesting was the upholstery shop.  Some of the furniture in there was so old but yet they would just fix it and make it brand new, instead of buying a whole new sofa.  The recycling office was interesting too, that they can take paper and cardboard and compress it and then sell it to someone and can make money off that.  I also found out that the student union is made out of recycled products. I had no idea that they could make tables and things out of recycled products.

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