Blog 3

The problem I want to explore is the waste of clothing products.  I am learning that clothing products are a big problem we face today.  We tend to just throw away clothes instead of recycling them or using them in a meaningful way.  This loss of clothing products is not only having a negative effect on us, but also our environment.  In order to live a sustainable lifestyle, we need to do what is best for our environment such as recycling these products or even donating them.  Just as we read in the previous week poverty is a big problem we face today.  We could help these who are dealing with poverty by giving to them the day to day things they can not explore.  Poverty is a problem that can occur and immediately change your life.  Some takeaways I got from the reading are that this classification can put you in a situation in your life that is not easy.  After this reading it definitely made me thankful for the things I have.  When you are in the level of poverty you can not even afford the basic necessities of an everyday life such as housing, clothes, and food.  If you think about it, how do you even survive in that situation?  I think we as a society needs to take this into consideration and be mindful of the things around us and the circumstances people are in.  If we live a more sustainable lifestyle, we can stop the increasing number of people who are classified in the poverty level.

            The Ted talk by Leyla discussed humans doing the right thing whenever it comes to the environment.  That involves them being mindful of the things around them and caring for them as they are their own.  Being sustainable is one thing, but are we sometimes being too sustainable?  Just as Leyla said we want to go from using plastic bags to paper bags to help our environment.  But if we just have basic recycling systems then it isn’t necessarily helping our environment.  We could help our environment by doing bigger things.  One thing that we could do to help our environment is reuse all products that are broken, but can still be fixed, just like the furniture we learned about at the sustainability office. 

            Merchandising and sustainability is one of the main takeaways that I have gotten from this Wicked Problem class.  That is because I came into this class with the fashion merchandising major.  I have previously been learning about more of the closing as a creation this semester than clothing after it has been worn and doesn’t have a set end place.  That is why the use of clothing waste is a wicked problem because there is not technically a correct place to take these items.  Now that I have taken this class, I have learned to think about the clothing process as a whole.  This has made me come up with set solutions on these products for myself and hopefully make a difference in my family and friends’ life when it comes to the end stage of the unwanted apparel.  Not only did I learn about the sustainability of merchandising, but I also learned about the sustainability on the Oklahoma State University campus as well.  The OSU sustainability office was a very informational field trip.  It was very eye opening to see all the waste that comes out of OSU.  I learned about all the stages of things such as recycled cans and bottles, paper, and cardboard.  The thing that really opened my eyes is the fact that we constantly reuse furniture.  I was informed that we have furniture on campus that is from the 1800’s.  This sustainable way of living is great for our campus.  It not only saves us money, but also helps us live a better lifestyle.  I think all students who attend Oklahoma State University should have to go on a field trip such as this one to learn more about the things you don’t necessarily see on campus.  Maybe this will make students more mindful about the waste they throw away while on campus. p

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