Blog Post #3

This class has really been an interesting and eye-opening journey for me. I have enjoyed every second of this class and feel I have learned so many things about sustainability that I was not aware of before taking the class. Each and every reading we have been tasked to complete has led me to learn something new. For me, the Poverty reading was somewhat striking to me. As I have grown older and began to take notice I have always known poverty has had to play a part in the problems our environment is slowly facing, but I had not realized just how drastic poverty is and sadly, is only making our planet more hazardous. I was somewhat excited to start on Activity 3 because it allowed me to explore and learn more about my wicked problem! For my Investigation Report, I plan to research more on the subject of Textile and Interior waste. I am a Fashion Merchandising major, so I felt that this subject could better educate me on the problems the industry is facing. One problem I am currently researching is Fast Fashion. Although fashion leads the world in many different ways, Fast Fashion IS a problem and most people are not mindful that this is even an issue. Watching the Ted Talk video, Leyla, she made a point about smart phones and how people typically buy a new one every 15-18 months. She says in her video, Consumption is a huge problem, but design is one of the best solutions. If you think about it, humans are always consuming something. Whether it be buying something new, eating something, or learning something. The problem is that we always want the newest, biggest thing as soon as it hits the markets. Even when we may not NEED that “new phone”, we are consuming these things without even acknowledging the sustainability problems occurring because of it. The meaning “Biophilia” is to be in contact with parts and forms of life we normally are not. Humans have become disconnected from a lot of forms of life and former ways of living. Instead of thinking about “we”, we have grown to think more about “me”. If humans begin to practice more biophilia and begin to be more mindful of nature, our planet will start to be a happier more sustainable place. I feel that becoming more mindful and connecting with nature leads humans to be more careful about how they are treating our planet and will also allow them to live a healthy wellbeing, and have empathy and clear values. The trip to the sustainability office, recycling center, and upholstery shop was really interesting to experience! OSU has been a college that my family has attended for many years and I have never realized how much OSU and the campus puts into our planets and cares about keeping the world clean and beautiful! I am very interested in Interior Decorating, so I am always thinking of different ways I could use a piece of furniture or item and make it fresh and new! I loved hearing about the different chairs, couches, etc. that are broken and no longer wanted, are used to recycle into new things instead of marking them as waste. Even after an item has lived and been used, it still has so much potential to be something new again! All it needs it a little TLC!

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