Blog 3

Some things that I’m learning about my wicked problem is that there are many different articles about how interior designers should start getting sustainable materials and telling how the issue of waste is getting bigger.

One takeaway that I got from the poverty reading was that if people are in poverty and struggling to find jobs and keep themselves and their family’s fed, being sustainable and doing your part to be eco friendly would not be a big priority for them because They’re just trying to survive. So I think that in order to get everyone involved, issues like poverty being helped would make a great impact on environmental issues.

I thought the ted talk with Leyla was really interesting. One of the things I thought was interesting was the fact that fridges are getting bigger which makes it easier to over consume food and over buy food and waste it. She was talking about crispers in fridges and how it makes lettuce soggy and wasted because it goes bad before you can even eat it. That was an issue I had dealt with before and I didn’t think about the fact that there was so much time that came with the one head of lettuce that was now wasted. It was eye opening to realize that I’m wasting as well.

One thing I really enjoyed in this class were the ted talks. Before I took the problem solving class, I didn’t know what they were but I watch them all the time. When I’m cleaning the house or driving to class. I think they’re really interesting and I’m so glad your class has involves different things like that.

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