Wicked Civilization

Something I tried to contribute to the discussion, but I am unsure if I was able to articulate correctly and completely was that the Easter Islanders were doomed to fail from the start, not just because their main societal practices were based on the building of statutes, which required extensive deforestation to move from the carving site to the erecting site, but that with the removal of the trees, not only did the islanders main social and religious gatherings collapse, but the removal of the trees caused the islands already immensely difficult to grown in soil to lose the nutrients that were held in the topsoil and thus cause massive shortages of food across the island, thus increasing the levels of competition among the islanders and resulting in the complete collapse of any advanced society as what few people remained after the massive death tolls that starvation would cause, simply tried to survive on the island to the best of their abilities. Additionally, I contributed that the Easter Islanders were not thinking ahead because of the statues that remain unfinished and/or only partially moved from their carving location, thus showing that the idea that the reservation of the trees which were so necessary for their function on the island in both ways that would’ve been known and unknown to them, was secondary to their desire to erect larger and move impressive statues than the other clans on the island, which further emphasizes that they were doomed to fail from the start as they lacked the knowledge that we do and that would have been necessary in order to protect their civilization from collapsing, showing that the combination of their own ignorance of the environment, the islands barely hospitable conditions, and the level of competition all show they were doomed to fail. My major takeaways from this past week’s classes are that one: Wicked Problems are neither a modern issue nor regional one as they can be seen throughout both history and the planet, two: Wicked Problems can cause vast chains of problems, even ones that were not seen as potential issues originally and ones that can go unseen for generations, and three: That Wicked Problems can be prevented, or at the very least delayed, by quick and continuous action on our part, so long as the actions can be readily changed to fit the current needs of the planet and the desires of the human species, whose job it is to protect our planet. I also took away that far more things are impacting our planet in a negative way than I could have ever imagined and that we as a species are too caught up in our own ambitions and ensuring those like us are doing better than our rivals to all effectively collaborate on a government level to protect the planet earth; but there is hope because massive numbers of scientists and young people are calling for a change, thus increasing awareness of the cause and, hopefully, pressuring the world’s governments to make a change for the better.

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