How I Learned to Care About Climate

The first week of college has been very interesting for me- especially this class. Before coming here I had never even heard the term wicked problems. While the terminology might hit your ear oddly, there is a plethora of vital information.

Just to give a quick background on this class, we watched a documentary called the 11th Hour. To make a long story short the film discusses the self destructive behaviors of the human race on nature. We become our own worst enemy during the process. Now you might be wondering why I’m telling you this and is there an endpoint- and yes there is. Throughout this 90 minute saga my mind began to open up. As strange as it sounds I started to have childhood flashbacks. Every time I threw trash on the floor, walked by a dirty lake, didn’t recycle, or when I didn’t take the garbage out. I started to relate the movie to my own life- then it hit me. Have I been that careless the entire 23 years that I have lived on this blue marble? Have I been part of the problem or the solution? As contradictory as it sounds sometimes you can be both. For example, a smoker who recycles- yes they are reducing their trash in an efficient manner. In the same move they are polluting the air( and their body) with cigarette smoke. Reflecting on all these examples got me to thinking about my own actions. The 11th hour expressed how humanity separates itself from nature making ourselves superior, which is why we neglect and even abuse it. Referring back to myself I started to feel bad because it’s a ugly truth, that I do feel that way. All the news stations talk about climate change, global warming, pollution, and deforestation but does anyone really care? Most of us just flick the channel over to our favorite reality show without any further thought. That is why even though it’s only been a couple of classes I feel like my attitude is changing. Not saying I’m perfect or becoming an environmental activist overnight. What I will say is that I am choosing to increase my social awareness and discard a reckless or dismissive attitude. Also, speaking with my classmates had a valuable impact these past few days. Hearing their stories, perspectives, questions, and experiences was fun. Learning from them helped me to understand how our class affects people in real life. From this week I took away that it is never too early or late too explore your environment. You should always respect, value, and learn about your community while you can. Talking with other students offered a new sense of appreciation for school and my own academic goals. What we do in class matters, it is not just pushing paper for four years just to say you did it, or just to please your family. Whatever education you are pursuing you can apply it in the real world. That is what I saw in the documentary and honestly I thought it was cool. Personally I feel like I contributed practical and subtle perspectives, like the small details that some people don’t seem to think about. Being patient and listening to everyone’s opinions and offering a respective counter was important. Alright so I’m done here hope your guys had enjoyed this little blog and have a great day!


About success2023

I am a 23 college student and I am studying Apparel Design.
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