Making a Change

After gathering all the information from last weeks reading, The Collapse of Easter Island, and the 11th Hour movie I believe I have a true understanding of how different sustainability issues have developed over the age of the earth. I feel as if I have grasped the concepts of limited resources, climate change, and different wicked problems that can truly affect the world around us. What I have realized throughout the reading and documentary is the idea that the problems that have developed over the collapse of the island have only grown into the problems we endure today.

    What have I contributed to the learning community after researching last weeks topic? I feel as if I have contributed another living being that cares about the world we live in and the state that it lies in. I contributed my questions and understandings of just how important it is that we start paying more attention to our limited resources and the wellbeing of our planet. I know I can contribute a lot more throughout the rest of my studies.  It is important that we face these wicked sustainability problems face on and spread that idea of the crucialness of these issues. Although I feel as if I could have contributed more to the learning community, I believe that researching problems in depth and trying my best to informatively come up with solutions is contributing an amount that most will not touch.

 After finishing the movie and reading this last week I have taken away so much bout the state of our planet and where these different issues have rooted from. I have learned more about how many problems pass by our face every day. From the ever-growing climate change, deforestation, limited resources, and of course pollution it is important that we come together in order to find a solution. What I greatly took away from the two research pieces was the idea that these issues have rooted and sprouted long before we think. The civilians on Easter Island faced some these same issues years before they were brought to life. Their limited resources caused the islanders to suffer, the clearing of their trees caused issues among their land, and the vastness of the unknown eventually caused them to collapse. This collapse should have been a learning issue, but instead the problems only trickled into more modern problems of today. We as a society were too concerned about the problems of our everyday life that we could see the destruction of the habitat around us. I honestly didn’t realize the severity of it until this week’s topic. My overall take away from this last week’s topic is that wicked problems are something that need a solution. It may not be a quick solution, but it is something we should work towards as a unit. We need to be more aware of our surrounding and the idea that the earth we live on is limited and the parts with in it are everchanging, we just need to learn to change and grow with it.

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